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Listing Your Home

Decision to sell

Now is the time to sell! Your house has been a huge part of your life but now is the  time to move on for better opportunities! The current market is optimal for selling, and we will make sure you get what you deserve!


We are here to help!

 We realtors are here to make your life so much easier. We can help you get a better reach for clients through our special online database MLS, shoot professional photos for your listing, and help you through all the legal paperwork  to ensure you receive a valuable price, coordinate with the buyer’s agent to ensure you have the best offer you can possibly can get.  Selling for the top value is vital. Through our online resources we can also asses what the best value your home will sell for in comparison to all the other properties that our currently out in the market with our CMA (comparative market analysis).  

Taking the next step


Get the right price

Property prices are based on current market value. Through a comparative market analysis, the property is based on a fair analysis based on other local properties in the area and any additions to the properties will ba taken into account.

Get the details

It’s the details of the amazing features of your property that will help gather potential clients to your house. Let your realtor know everything about your property so we can create a proper listing to help sell your home.

Prepare the Property for clients to view

Empty and declutter the house to have a clean presentation of the property. If you intend to live on the property while it is on the market then keep it clean and organized so it won’t deter the buyers from seeing the true potential of the property. 

To upgrade or not to upgrade

Whether upgrading the property for the sale is worth it or not it up to you ultimately but giving a fresh coat of paint has had a great impact on selling your home. Making sure the house is clean is the obvious part, but sometimes fixing a leaking faucet can bump up the price and the willingness of the buyers of deciding ‘This is the one’.

Want to list your property?

We can help market your property based on market value price and get the best outreach of clients all over the valley